Escrow Officer & Closing Department at the Northridge Office  

Sandi Ortiz runs our in-house closing department. With over 22 years of escrow experience, she is able to handle all calls and requests that come in after the escrow closes to ensure that all clients experience the same attention and customer service as they did throughout their escrow transaction.  Before Sandi got into escrow, her employer at the time moved to Memphis, TN.  Sandi did not want to relocate her family and was blessed with the opportunity to learn escrow from the best in the business.  She was fortunate enough to work and train under Billie Sandlin and Bobbi McNeil, past presidents of the Escrow Association of California. Sandi loves being able to work in a field that she enjoys so much.  Sandi has been married to her husband, Art, for 43 years and has two children, A.J. and Vanessa, and two grandchildren, Sebastian and Olivia.